Sue and the Truck Driver

Over the years I most likely have engaged in sexual relations with more than fifty men. I have gulped gallons of cum, and have had such countless chickens up my butt. I have come to adore it. Like I said I have turned into a slut. 

I will pass on it to my significant other to let you about these experiences know if you need, however I needed to inform you regarding the time I needed to screw a transporter. Don't have the foggiest idea why however I got it into my brain that I needed a long lobby transporter to screw me. I could simply imagine myself getting beat in that little lodge toward the rear of the taxi of a portion of the huge trucks I had seen on the road. 

One of the things we were doing at the time that drove my significant other wild, was for me to streak transporters. I Could not do it for quite a while on the grounds that hubby would get so hot he would pull over and I would suck him off. 

My spouse had a pickup truck at that point and we would drive all over the highway that went through our little southern town. 

The truck sat sufficiently high that individuals in vehicles couldn't see inside very well yet the enormous trucks sat sufficiently high that they had an ideal view inside. 

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